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Communicating for a Change [PDF]

by Andy Stanley
There is a lot of good, even great advice on how to deliver a sermon in Communicating for a Change. To get to the good stuff however, you need to read through the first part of the book first and that was a bit of a struggle for me, because I didn’t care much for it. Don’t let that deter you from reading the book though, for you’ll miss out on good insights into preaching that really connects with your audience.

Communicating for a change is written by Andy Stanley, founder and senior pastor of North Point Community Church, and the less known Lane Jones from the same church. Because they’re strong believes in the power of a well-told story, the authors of Communicating for a change have opted to open the book with a fictional story about pastor Ray Martin who has trouble connecting with his congregation when he preaches. He then meets truck driver Willy Graham who teaches him the ‘secret’ of connecting with your audience. The lessons Willy teaches are then further discussed in the second part of the book.

Personally, I think they could have skipped the whole first part and gotten right to the second part. I love stories, I love fiction for that matter, but this story didn’t feel real to me because its main function was to get information across. It felt unnatural to me, especially the dialogues. But maybe it works for you, so don’t let it deter you from reading the second part of the book because that is truly, really good.

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