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Two Egg, Florida [PDF]

by Dale Cox
This book is aout an actual village in Florida named Two-Egg . The way the town got its name ,was when a few settlers first moved to the area , a man opened a small trading post . The residents who lived close by would bring a couple of eggs to his store in exchange for a small item ,sometimes s small bit of sugar ,which was considered to be a treat to the farmers since it wasn't easily available to them like it is now .
The writer grew up in the area .When he was a small child, he remembers when it was still considered a "town". There are pictures througjout the book,showing different things that pertain to the stories he tells and in one photo, you can see the remains of a few small stores of some type, which made up the villlage of Two Egg.
It tells a lot of history of the first settlers to the area and how difficult life was in the area,with so many swamps and woods. Diseases like Malaria were common ,and most people died at young ages due to disease,lack of close medical care and the difficulties of settling such a wild area.
There are stories of supposed ghosts , huge alligators that ate people ,buried treasures that have never been found.
This area also has a rumor that this is the location of the original Garden of Eden,with pictures . It looks like more swamps to me, but I'm far from a Bible scholar,so your guess is as good as mine .
The last couple of stories were about a few people from the area who joined up to fight in the Civil War ,and told of their duties and battles during that time,and their fates in the end . If you are a history buff, you'd enjoy reading about these things. I think the book would have been more interesting if it had been one big long story from beginning to end ,going into lots more detail about the people's lives and interactions .Instead, it's just several short stories patched together to make a book .
This book was interesting ,mainly because I like reading the history of different places and how certain weird towns got their names .
I'm only giving it a 2/5 because it's fairly short and I think I'd find it more interesting if it were someplace closer to home,so I could identify with it more.
All in all,the writing is good and the stories are entertaining .
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Thank you! Great book!

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