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A Way of Life [PDF]

by David M. Martin
This book is not about the existence of God or pushing Christianity on people. This book is, however, about what Christianity is all about. Christianity is not meant to be a religion in what it has become today... instead it is meant to be a philosophy for how a person chooses to live their life. The very definition of the word "Christian" means to follow Jesus Christ and His ways. Meaning that a Christian is a person who chooses to do what Christ did. Doing anything that Christ did, that is possible for a normal human being to do, makes even a non-believer a Christian. Jesus said to lay down our swords, to take up His cross and to follow Him and His example. What Christianity has become is NOTHING like what Christ wanted and it is my goal, through this book, to teach what it truly means to be Christian. This book covers Christianity, the difference between faith and religion, the United States being a so-called "Christian Nation" and three big topics in the Bible which are: Homosexuality, Abortion and Marriage.
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1. Persia Emily | 10.08.2018 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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