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Breaking Free From Codependency - How To Live An Emotionally Healthy Life [PDF]

by Sandra Bass
Break Free From Damaging And Potentially Dangerous Co-Dependent Relationships And Finally Set Your Emotional Life Back On Course

Do you feel used... and abused and like no one never notices your sacrificial service?

Do you want to help someone... but everything you do seems to have no effect? If so, then you've found the right site.

And even though we personally may not know what co-dependency is, we know it's unhealthy, and we don't want to think we're doing something unhealthy.

But don't you want to know if you're unwittingly digging yourself into a hole?

Or if someone you know is locking themselves into an unhealthy pattern of behavior?

Co-Dependency starts with good motivations and intentions.

But good intentions don't always mean a good outcome.

In order to help people, we need to make sure we're actually helping them!

Let's answer the question everyone reading this is probably asking: What is Co-Dependency?

Co-Dependency is a relationship where two people are literally "co-dependent" on each other for their lifestyle and sense of self-worth.

It's a lot more complicated than that...

But any time you start to get your self-worth from someone, you know something isn't right.

It starts innocent and with loving intentions

You just want to help someone. But over time you start feeling like you're being taken advantage of, and no one recognizes your efforts to help this person in your life.

You start to excuse behavior you wouldn't let others get away with, and make justifications for someone's chronic and poor actions.

You say they just need help and another chance. You may even notice that you get a sense of purpose and well being when something goes well and your efforts are recognized.

And you may also notice feelings of isolation and loneliness when no one notices what you're doing.

You may become "dependent" on helping them, and overly addicted to doing so...

And they may become "dependent" on your behavior, or "acceptance", that is enabling them to keep living the way they are.

Therefore you both become dependent on each other. You both need each other in order to feel significant and happy.

Your feeling of self-worth comes from helping them through their dysfunction and "hard times".

But you probably don't realize that you're actually hurting this person more than you're helping them.

If you start getting a sense of self-worth from your care of another person...

And you are constantly excusing bad behavior and making justifications for another person's actions...You can actually be trapping them into a painful cycle.

But many people don't even know that they're doing this, in fact they think they're legitimately helping someone. Well you have to ask: Are you?

To help answer that question I've written this book, "Breaking Free From Codependency -How To Live An Emotionally Healthy Life". I want everyone to know what I've learned about co-dependency without all the trouble of working of through it on their own.

You can do something to help them, and yourself.

Do you really want to live in the dark about how to help your friend or family member in a constructive way?

How often have you allowed someone to stay locked into destructive behavior because you didn't know a few simple facts about co-dependency?

My book can help you come out of the dark and break free today.
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