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Sports for Dorks College Football [PDF]

by Ferhat Guven

"What do you get when you combine an astrophysicist, a world champion backgammon player, some respected economists and a few other brilliant minds? This fascinating book and the reason I'm hoping to watch Mike Leach on Saturdays instead of coach against him on Sundays." -REX RYAN, Head Football Coach, New York Jets

"Sports for Dorks is an exciting collection of ideas and trends shaping the world of college football. Mike Leach proves, once again, that he is a step ahead of the rest." -GIL BRANDT, former Vice President of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys, current Senior Analyst for NFL.com

"One man's dork is another man's intellectually curious, envelope pushing pioneer. Mike Leach is the most original thinker I've met in three decades as a sportswriter. With this provocative, nourishing, all-you-can-eat buffet of intriguing ideas, Leach reminds us why football needs him more than he needs football." - AUSTIN MURPHY, senior writer, Sports Illustrated


Sports for Dorks College Football provides ground-breaking, innovative content to readers seeking unique insights into the world of college football.

Co-edited by National Coach of the Year Mike Leach and Ferhat Guven, Sports for Dorks aims to address the information needs of college football fans who seek a deeper understanding about the game and its intricacies.

Sports for Dorks looks inside the mind of Mike Leach, asks why football coaches deserve to be paid more than the governors of their state, offers a solution that would make the BCS system actually work, and examines the rise of college football in Great Britain, of all places.

Readers learn why going for it on fourth down generates wins and why punting is, in most cases, a fool's errand. The book also reveals how the no-huddle offense makes conventional defensive statistics irrelevant, why Davids pick on Goliaths, and how teams can improve recruiting outcomes "simply" by looking a prospect in the eye.

Intriguing, complex, cutting-edge, and provocative, this unique compilation is one of the smartest sports books to hit the market this year.
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