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The Coming Home Place [PDF]

by Mary Spencer
Did'nt liked the book at all,James keeps treating Elizabeth so badly hurts her everytime,taunts her,always keeps comparing her to his love of life"Maggie" and even says it in front if Elizabeth it should have been Maggie God how i wanted to really smack Elizabeth how can she even continue staying with the Selfish GFN Mean rude James and if all this not enough when Maggie arrives he leaves Elizabeth in middle of the road sleeps with her and comes home next day conveniently says sorry and Elizabeth forgives him(my mouth was left open" but i applaud her for taking the decision of divorce first and leaves

James is not a good guy. I spent the entire book, except for the last 2 chapters (when he finally wises up) really not liking him. It's hard to recommend a romance novel when you don't care for the "main guy". James is grieving for his fiance who died in a train crash. He then decides that he needs a wife, so he opportunistically weds Elizabeth (who is in dire straits and very vulnerable). He tells her that he'll never love her, but he wants her to sleep with him and give him children....nice! Although he appreciates her cooking and cleaning, he NEVER treats her as anything else than a hired hand, and thus she ACTS that way. If you throw in some verbal abuse, a rape scene, and an adultery scene...you have all you need to know about this "hero".

His best friend Nate is another story. I loved him and was hoping he'd end up with Beth because he deserved her a lot more and loved her a lot more than James did! I especially loved the scenes with Nate and Beth together which were much more romantic and touching...the gifts he brings her, the way he wants her opinion on his house. Nate was the better man...FOR SURE! Unfortunately, I wanted him for Beth so I don't know if I care enough to read the next book Fire and Water (his brother Matt's book) to see if Nate find love himself.

Very disappointed in Beth for choosing wrong and James for being a really big jerk!

I don't recommend this book
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Thank you! Great book!

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