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Runic Astrology [PDF]

by Nigel Pennick
I really enjoyed this book. I've been a Rune student for almost two and a half decades, and I always enjoy a different take on the Runes and how to use them.

As I'm not a scholar in the arena, I can't attest to the methods Pennick used to derive his astrological connections to the Runes. I can attest that his connections between them and Northern lore and artifacts are compelling.

Quite a dry read with a bend toward maths, this book isn'ta quick or easy text to take in. Rather, it serves as a reference, whose value increases with use.

While it's a bit off the beaten path of most Runic students, it's well worth the detour to apply the insight of the Runes in a new, albeit not ungrounded, way.
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Thank you! Great book!

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