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A Visitor's Guide to Victorian England [PDF]

by Michelle Higgs
A Visitor’s Guide To Victorian England

There is often a romantic view of what it would have been like to visit England while Victoria was on the throne. We often hear commentators today asking for Victorian values to be brought back in to vogue. To the modern day person England was such a beautiful, honest place to visit the home of the world’s largest empire leaders in everything they did.

Michelle Higgs has written A Visitor’s Guide to Victorian England has written an honest account of what it would have been like to visit the cities and the countryside of our ‘green and pleasant land’. If anything the view is very much it was not a very green or too pleasant land to visit.

Anyone that has walked down Oxford Street in London or Deansgate in Manchester today would know what the hustle and bustle of the busy city street is like. If they were to do the same in Victorian times people would have been shocked and amazed at the streets would be just as busy but far louder, the noise of the horses on the cobbles and oh the stench. Higg’s quotes an American visitor to Liverpool who saw ‘the most disgusting sight was seeing women and young girls employed in scraping up street manure with their naked hands, and placing it in baskets or their aprons, so common as not to be noticed by the citizens’.

Higgs goes through everything you would have needed to know to be able to survive whether in the country or in the city. For those that are looking for the romantic England (that has never existed) may be shocked at some of the descriptions and advice. Whether it was food and drink or the health hazards, like avoid the Thames or don’t drink unboiled water.

To the descriptions of clothing of all sections and that included the working classes, which some today would recognise as chavs of their day. With advice of the day on how to deal with encounters with the opposite sexes, shopping and even more important on how to get around.

This is a fantastic guide that relives what life would have been like for the visitor during the Victorian era, she has not romanticised what it was like but given an honest account. This is an excellent background for any student of Victorian England.
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