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The Condition of Education 2012 [PDF]

by Susan Aud
To ensure reliable, accurate, and timely data, which are necessary to monitor the progress of education in the United States, Congress has mandated that the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) produce an annual report, The Condition of Education. This year’s report presents 49 indicators of important developments and trends in U.S. education. These indicators focus on participation in education, elementary and secondary education and outcomes, and postsecondary education and outcomes.

The print volume of The Condition of Education 2012 is divided into three sections of indicators. Each indicator consists of one page of key findings and technical notes, two figures on the adjacent page, and one or more tables, found in Appendix A. The tables feature the estimates used in the indicator discussion as well as additional estimates related to the indicator. Where applicable, tables of standard errors for estimate tables are available on the NCES website (http://nces.ed.gov/programs/coe). Additional information on data sources can be found in Appendix B. Information on analyses conducted, definitions of variables, and measures can be found in the notes in Appendix C. Finally, a glossary of key terms, a bibliography, and an index are featured in Appendixes D through F.

The introduction features an Overview and a Closer Look. The Overview summarizes each section of the volume by highlighting each indicator, which is referenced by its number (e.g., indicator 19). Each figure in the Overview can also be found in an indicator in the volume. For indicators with figures highlighted in the Overview, the Overview figure number will be followed by the indicator figure number in its reference (i.e., figure 3 is figure 47-2). The Closer Look examines a subset of indicators on high school education over the last twenty years using data from the full indicators. The relevant figures are included and referenced tables can be found in Appendix A.
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