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Lights Out [PDF]

by Holly Black
Enjoyable short story

This is an additional short story to be part of the short stories written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of "Doctor Who", where there were eleven stories then, but now it's published another one to include in the event to the current doctor, the Twelfth.


The Doctor:

The Twelfth Doctor


78351 a.k.a. "Fifty-One"


ICRS station, deep space, somewhere in the far future.


This is very likely a short story between Episode 1: "Deep Breath" and Episode 2: "Into the Dalek" from Series 8 of Doctor Who, since the Twelfth Doctor went to the far future, to a deep space station where it's processed the third best coffee in the universe, mentioning that he is buying a cup of coffee to Clara (something that it's mentioned at the end of the episode, "Deep Breath").

While there, several mysterious deaths begin to occur, always when the lights are out, so the Twelfth Doctor "recruits" a temporary companion to assist him in the investigation. (Actually, the Doctor even say the word "companion" that I honestly think must be a first in Doctor Who's history).

78351 a.k.a. "Fifty-One" is a companion created for this short story, but it's interesting that Holly Black, the author, established that this character is already acquaintance about The Doctor from a previous adventure, while in a previous regeneration.

That "previous adventure" is also created for this short story that I think it was an ingenious trick since it was useful to speed up the interactions between The Doctor and "Fifty-One" due the limitations of being a short story.

It's not clear which regeneration was the one which "Fifty-One" knew previously to The Doctor. If you are so kind to indulge me in the brief exposure of my own personal speculations, due a particular comment in an advanced part of the story, it could be easily the Third Doctor, but even it could be most likely the Tenth Doctor, but again, the comment which lead me to these hypothesis, they could be as well selected with double intention as "easter eggs" to imply some personal preference of the author for the Third Doctor and/or even a nod to refer from where (or most likely... who) the Twelfth Doctor "took" his current face.

The past is hard to outrun

The short story is quite enjoyable with a fast tempo, priceless humor, cool scenarios and good character development and interaction between the Twelfth Doctor and his temporary companion.

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