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Spank Pants [PDF]

by Imogen Gray
A collection of five erotic stories with mixed spanking themes.

Spank Pants by Sommer Marsden

When a girl’s taken time and effort to get in shape, she wants to show it off. A routine trip to the store ends in Marcy making an impulse purchase: a slinky new pair of clearance work-out pants. She now has to break the news to her money-conscious partner, Grant. The problem is Marcy has promised not to spend more than she has to. Grant decides that Marcy must pay the price for her unauthorized spending and sets about her punishment with relish. Could this be the best fifteen dollars she ever spent?

My Lord’s Rump by Chloe Devlin

There is nothing that Angie and George love more than a bit of adventurous role-play, he the dominant Lord and she the submissive maiden. However, when one of his suggestions feels a step to far, Angie must decide whether to decline his request or place her trust, fully in her partner. Casting her doubts aside, Angie allows her Lord and master to introduce his fair maid to a new and arousing sensation: one that has her begging for more.

My Therapist In Action by Eva Hore

When fate brings Jane back to her new therapist’s office late one evening, she finds herself a furtive spectator to her friend’s therapy appointment. As the treatment begins, Jane is witness to a more hands-on role-playing session that introduces her friend to the true nature of submission. They say curiosity killed the cat, well in this instance Jane’s snooping leads to much more than she ever bargained for.

Remembrance by Imogen Gray

While Elizabeth Warner-Jones waits for the hangman, she casts her thoughts back to where it all began; to the day Sauville Chabrier first walked into her life. Debonair, manly and sensuous Chabrier soon casts Elizabeth under his spell, but it is during their regular liaisons that she discovers the existence of his bad side: his depraved side. As passion and desire blend into an explosive mix, it’s only going to take the slightest spark to set it off.

My Husband’s Idea by Eva Hore

Determined to raise the cash for a deposit on a new home, Michael has a saucy proposition for Vanessa; to show off her beautiful body to his friends by stripping for them. Uncertain at first, his wife succumbs to his persuasiveness and agrees to stage an impromptu rehearsal. While she performs her act, Michael is soon game for a little audience participation. As the heat rises, other ideas present themselves in a flood of raunchy possibilities that both are eager to pursue.

These stories have also been published in Spank Me.
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