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Pan and the Prisoners of Bolvangar [PDF]

by Kay Woodward
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Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials was adapted by Nestle for release when the Movie adaptation of the movie was released. There were three made featuring Pan, Iorek and The Golden Monkey.

Pan’s book is about what happens to Lyra and Pan when they are at the Bolvanger Facility. The book has black and white screen caps to accompany the story which helps the reader to follow the story and also to get to know the characters better. Being taken from the movie and based on the book there is not as much detail as you find in the novel by Pullman.

As an introduction to the series this book is very intriguing with character profiles and definitions in the back of the book. I think this would spark interest with The Golden Compass and bring readers to the series.

I would give The Golden Compass: Pan And The Prisoners Of Bolvanger 4/5

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Thank you! Great book!

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