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The Transylvania Connection (Transylvania, #2) [PDF]

by M.L. Dunn
Mr. Slang.
It would serve you well to remember this name, just in case, in some future life, you have the unfortunate, ruinous luck, to run into a man calling himself this. Unlike others stepping off the train that day, Mr. Slang had not come to Transylvania City for vacation, or business, or to visit friends, nor had he come to take in a show where witches perform rather ordinary magic, or even to watch golems perform incredible feats of strength. No, he had come on someone else's errand and it was going to be a particularly messy, lengthy and dare-say diabolical task that he needed to carry out.
The first thing Mr. Slang needed to do toward that end was to find someone and find them quickly, so he checked into the Strigoi Hotel since it caters primarily to vampires, but not your upper-class vampire, more of the lower-order of them so that he might learn the whereabouts of the man he was looking for.
Immediately after checking in, Mr. Slang began making inquiries.

Once you start there's no turning back. This debut thriller—the first in a trilogy from M L Dunn—is a highly original page-turner

With its inventive setting and intriguing plot, the first book of the Transylvania Detective Squad deserves acclaim.

Considered it clever, suspenseful, and exhilarating
[PDF] The Transylvania Connection (Transylvania, #2) download

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Release date 01.10.2013
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