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X-Men [PDF]

by Kathryn Immonen
I'll be honest, I'm a fan of the classic X-Men, so I know very little about the new class of mutants.The whole reason I picked up this volume is because 1) I'm interested in seeing how female characters are written in comics and graphic novels, 2) I'm always game for reading comics and graphic novels that heavily feature female protagonists, and 3) Pixie's real name is the same as mine, and you don't see a lot of Megans in comics.

As an introduction to Pixie, this four comic anthology may not have been the place to start.Although you learn a bit about her backstory, including the fact that her real father is a classic, well-known mutant, the story itself is so incoherent at times that I found myself stopping every so often to make sure I understood what I was reading.While that incoherence does have it's point in the overall plot, it was poorly executed.Regardless, as someone who collects comics and graphic novels, I am glad to have this on my shelf, if not just for the fact that it brings variety to the standard X-Men fare that we're all used to (i.e. the Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey, etc. show).I'd recommend X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back to other comic completionists, as well as to people who may be looking for a fun and quick read for their comic-obsessed daughter (or son).
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