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Temptation [PDF]

by Nora Roberts
2015 TBR Challenge: We Love Short Shorts!

Genre: Categorical Romance
Heat Level: Just kisses
Why is it on my TBR bookcase? There is always at least one Nora Roberts that needs to be read.
Final Grade: A-

It shocked the hell out of me how much I enjoyed this 1987 Silhouette reprint. I don't know what line it was originally published in but it felt like a Silhouette Special Edition, mostly because our heroine, Eden, is the co-owner of a summer camp for girls and our hero, Chase, runs his family's apple orchard. Also there's a dog and a mischievous plot moppet.

You can read the blurb elsewhere, but basically the premise is that Eden is using the camp as an escape and as a way to prove herself after her father passed away leaving her flat broke and the subject of society gossip. Chase finds Eden climbing one of his apple trees in the orchard bordering the camp and sparks ensue. Picking her from the apple tree was NR cheese at its finest.

Eden started out as kind of a dud but she grew a backbone as the story went on and I found myself cheering for her. I like a heroine who can stand up for herself and I'm always a sucker for a "pick yourself up when you're down" kind of romance. Plus, she hates mornings and I completely sympathize. Because this is a) a categorical romance and b) published in the 80s, we don't know that much about Chase other than he has "seafoam" green eyes, lives in an awesome house with a giant dog, and finds Eden frustratingly desirable. There is no information on his motivations or back story.

Luckily, the book was short enough that everything worked for me and I enjoyed the comeuppance that the "villain" got at the end. I felt like Eden's thoughts and feelings towards Chase were fairly well developed, but I was a little lost when it came to why Chase was in love with Eden, other than he enjoyed the chase and that she was able to put her big girl panties on when it counted. It was a little lacking, but I feel like that's typical of this era of romance so I wasn't turned off by it.

This was a very quick, enjoyable read. If you like old Nora Roberts, apples, summer camp, and spirited children, you'll probably like Temptation.
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