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L'épouse De Bois [PDF]

by Terri Windling
I am very fond of this book, in part because I think it is one of the few urban fantasies that include artists (and a description of their work) that makes me want to see the artwork described. I suspect it is because Windling is a painter as well as a writer, and she genuinely creates those works (even if not materially). I think she does this far better than de Lint, for example, who (though I really, really like his stories and many of his novels) peoples his writing with artists whose work I never find myself wanting, much less needing, to see.
Perhaps it is a cultural thing. Windling's elusive Ana is a bit of a combination between RL artists Remedios Varo and Ana Mendieta, and what we get of her story rings true of a certain generation of Latin American artists (my mother among them) who combined big city sophistication with the profoundly formative (and undeniable) indigenous and folk art visions of countries like Mexico and Guatemala.
I believe the other artists' works too — Tatiana's and Juan's — and although I find them less intriguing, I wouldn't mind attending one of their exhibitions. ;-)
If I have a complaint about this work it is that the most interesting characters (for me), Ana and Cooper, are too easily dismissed. The resolution of their lives and relationship, and the mystery of abandonment of Ana's art that had been life-blood until then, is unsatisfying and facile. Windling does better honoring Cooper than Ana and I think it is a missed opportunity.
Despite this, I still wholly recommend the book.
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Thank you! Great book!

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