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The Visitor [PDF]

by Kayla Lords
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This truism has been used by many people to describe many situations and I think it fits this story. Names aren’t mentioned as to do so would only add to the degradation of all characters portrayed in this tale of ultimate domination and degradation. A beautiful woman voluntarily submits herself totally to a man that treats her as an object. Why anyone would do this is beyond me but I assumed a passive role as reader and had no influence over the words of the narrative. This woman (thing) is presented to a well endowed stranger of few words. She performs her tasks as she feels her master would approve of. I wouldn’t actively seek or buy this book but as a lover of words and bargains I downloaded it free. This said (and the story read) I feel that it deserves a serious review. Some deep, dark sexual fantasies should stay hidden and not brought into and inspected in the light of day. This fantasy (in my opinion) falls under this heading. Some may have thought or even dreamed of something similar but most would keep it private and protected in their minds. Even I admit that the story didn’t leave me unscathed. When the last sentence was read I felt rather dirty and had a bad taste in my mouth.
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1. Persia Emily | 10.05.2017 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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