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Powerline (Powerline #1) [PDF]

by Derekica Snake
Magic has never lead to happiness.

Nicky walked out of the Wild into the civilized world and within a few years he carved out a territory with a selected pack of loyal gang members.He had a secret to keep that not only could affect his hard won territory but also his very existence.Secrets are always found out, especially when that secret involves magic.

Magic was the backbone of the Miradryl Empire; wherever magic can be found the Empire moves to take it as its own.Those who can wield that power are the chosen and the privileged few. King Tiger, Battle Mage Arthur Magnus is searching for a special kind of battery, a Latent – a person who could control energy.The discovery of a new powerful source leads him to this backwater world.His intention was to force a union between them but then the magic decided to bond them forever.

Nicky and Magnus found themselves mage mated, not only was their magic intertwined but now their lives were as well.Their hearts were another matter.
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Release date 04.01.2014
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1. Persia Emily | 28.05.2011 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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