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Machina Mortis [PDF]

by Theresa Derwin
For those not familiar with the steampunk genre, let me give you a background. It’s a subgenre of science fiction featuring a heavily-industrialized society inspired by the Industrial Revolution. Of late, there has been a cross-over between steampunk and horror much like the genre-blending of science fiction and horror. Imagine Jules Verne meets Bram Stoker! In Machina Mortis, editor Sam Gafford gives us an excellent collection of steampunk, horror, Gothic, bizarre, science fiction!

The stories here do not fit neatly into any single genre. There are the distinct steampunk elements. The nineteenth century abounds with creaking ships, steam carriages, and gaslights. There are also notes of science fiction with the classic mad scientist, tubes, wires, and disturbing experiments. Many of the tales involve murder, intrigue, suspense, and that creep feeling that someone is lurking just beyond your line of vision. This is classic horror! Rather than attempt to define, I read with an open mind and the stories immediately absorbed me. The tales captured the details and richness of a bygone era. They were eerie without being gore/ splatter violent.

Gafford’s anthology is an excellent introduction to the steampunk subgenre. This was my first taste and I am hooked. He brings together a wonderful group of writers with dark, fantastical tale to tell. Swirling gowns, clattering hooves, cobblestones, and the smell of brine fill the pages. So too do sinister characters, dark motivations, bubbling concoctions, and murder. Well done.
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