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Underwater [PDF]

by Chester Brown
Underwater is a comic book series by Chester Brown from the mid-90s. It was cancelled after issue 11 (that's the last one I have atleast).

The story is experienced from the point-of-view of a new-born (and as he ages). The gimmick is that the speech bubbles contain gibberish (as the baby would hear words) and then slowly the speech begins to resemble words that we (the child) understand.

He makes it seem like a child is completely lost and confused in the world. I almost argue differently; a child has an intimate connection with reality that is lost as he ages and adopts the cultural view-point.

It hasn't been collected as a novel, probably because its not very good - and Brown prefers to forget about it.

The end of each issue continues Brown's adaption of the Bible story matthew. I haven't read that book before, so I'm not sure if its a faithful adaption or whatnot. It would be cool if Brown finished that story and collected it though (it would fit snug beside my copy of Crumb's Genesis). Issue 11 adapts Matthew 20:1-20:29. There are 28 chapters in Matthew, so he is pretty close to being done.
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Thank you! Great book!

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