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Y (Cycli, #2) [PDF]

by Brian K. Vaughan
Before I start this review, he's a picture of all the spots I marked that needed some deep, tedious, thorough analysis! (aka bashing :D)

[ok, so it's blurry but you get the point]

Although the very first page made me cry in despair all over again [Yorick is trying to convince a woman to let him board the train to get out of Boston, but her reply is: With the shipping routes as fucked up as they are, the whole east coast's just about of supplies] because I simply disapprove of how the world is suddenly in so much chaos now that men are gone. Now, I'm not trying to say their contribution to the world was useless or easily replaceable - not at all - I'm trying to say they can be replaced in most of the jobs they were doing (just like women could be too).
Now, let's imagine all women died. More or less 50% of the population would be gone. There would be no way to repopulate the planet, yes, but youknow what problem would be solved? Unemployment.

My aggravation kept growing as the Amazon's leader, Victoria, babbles on about how as long as one man is still alive on this planet, we have no choice but to play by their rules. They manage to obtain information about this Last Man's whereabouts and all pack up and go after him! *sigh* the world's infrastructure is in ruins, there's no food production (let alone less important things such as electricity, water supply and similar). I don't know, but if I was the leader of a pack of a women, I'd search for ways for our community to survive by finding ways to get the food industry back up running instead of chasing around for this one man who's very likely to get killed or captured by someone else. Given the bad mood of most women we met so far in this comic, I'd say, the chances are preeeety high.

Some cool art again:

I loved this volume a lot better than the previous one. The turn in the story where 355 doesn't go through the jump off the train as smoothly as others and when they stumble upon this self-sufficient town of Marrisville was refreshing! I thought "finally!," I might have rushed with my conclusions...

then Yorick delives this speech about how he's devoted to his girlfriend Beth was the first girl I ever slept with, you know? She was the only woman alive who wanted me back when I was just an unemployed loser. If nothing else, I think I owe her a little loyalty. riiiight before he kisses Sonia.

Man, don't go all fucking Dark Knight Rises on me [Batnoob whines to Alfred how he cannot move on, Rachel is gone! Then some chick with a foreign accent taps dat and he's all "Rachel, who?"]

Then, Sonia, right after she has finally lured him into a kiss, breaks free and goes all come clean, about how she was a junkie and how the whole town was actually released from a nearby women's prison.

Yorick rages, runs to the house!

and goes: You fucking criminals, you all! to a bunch of women who took his wounded, dirty ass in and slaughtered one of the cows (who cannot reproduce anymore) for the guest.

Yorick: they still owe a debt to society, don't they? I mean, why the hell should they get to live in paradise?

and here he goes AGAINNN!

man, I can't take this :'D

Okay, :'D *wiping tears* as I said, I'm giving this one three stars. The story is still quite fast, actiony, and this issue managed to scrape the surface of the what would be a possible solution for women to do while they wait for the last generation to die out. It kept my attention just enough for me to want to read the next issue too (a part of me just wants to laugh on about all the silly shit the characters say like this pearl here - Sonia: You haven't seen us during our periods. All of our cycles are in synch, so once a month, this town turns into a bloody whirlpool of bitchiness.)

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