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Death Embraces (Mortis, #2) [PDF]

by J.C. Diem
Natalie Pierce awakens to find herself not only buried in a box but also missing her body from the neck down. After some initial confusion she remembers that she has become a member of a very exclusive club; the living dead.

While Luc, her closest companion, was responsible for beheading her, he had simply obeyed an order that had been impossible for him to resist. The Comtesse, ruler of the European vampire nation, can be blamed for Nat’s current uncomfortable incarceration.

Natalie has three important tasks ahead of her. Her first objective is to escape from her underground prison. The second goal is to hunt down the Comtesse and introduce her to the holy marks on Nat’s palms. The third task is the most daunting; she must discover who or what is behind the cause of the sentient shadows that only she can see.

As the long awaited and highly unanticipated Mortis, Nat has abilities that no other vampire has ever possessed before. She must utilize the strangeness that sets her apart from her new kin to fulfil the prophecy that was written over two thousand years ago. The ancient prophecy predicts that it is her destiny to wipe out the vast bulk of her own kind.

Natalie has learned one undeniable fact since becoming a vampire, despite all of the weird and wacky powers that she has gained, not even Mortis can avoid her fate.

Size: Approximately 83,000 words
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Thank you! Great book!

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