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Eve's Rib Jezebel's Hips [PDF]

by VictoriaSelene Skye Deme
Between these covers lies a world of mythical women embedded in modern-day worlds. Herein swim Eves to their own rhythms and doing just fine, thanks, without that irksome rib to hinder and bind their grace and self-actualization. In this little gem youall find metaphorical LittleRedHoodies who get fed up with the same old lines and same old tale and skip out with the BigBadwoofie to the RazzleDazzle to shake that thang to yummilicious groovies. And youall discover Cinderellas who stomp the glass slipper to pieces in favor of 7hole DocMartens. In here laughs a SnowNotWhite who gets really sick and tired of being kissed by whatever glittery princey that flounces along, and decides to tear it out of the woods with girl pals in a Hummer to kick it at the RazzleDazzle with Hoodie and Cinders. And thereas even a Rapunzel who hops right out of that tower and lands nice and solid on her own two feet. This is a spinerette with bite, poetry that screams with rage, soars with beauty, and weaves aJezebelas Hipsa through aEveas Ribs.a
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1. Persia Emily | 19.10.2011 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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