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Mommy Hugs [PDF]

by Karen Katz
Characters: a young child, approximately age 2; a mother
Setting: the child and mother's house; the park
Intended audience: mommys and other parents; infants; preschoolers; kindergartners

Mommy Hugs follows a mother and her young child throughout what seems to be a typical day, while counting from 1 - 10. The story opens when the mother wakes her baby, saying "Wake up, sleepyhead! It's Mommy!" and counting to 1: "One nuzzle-wuzzle wake-up hug." Breakfast follows, along with playtime, a visit to the park, bath time, and finally bed time, with each page centered on counting some kind of hugs (yummy hugs, sliding hugs, among others). Between the written number and the text are small hearts in a quantity that matches each page's focus number (2 red hearts on the page with 2 bites of oatmeal, and so on), as well as the numeral itself. Children can point to each heart to count to two, and can visually match that counting to the written numeral.

Karen Katz' illustrations are full of cheery colors and visually engaging patterns. Young childrens' developing eyesight will tingle with stimulation as they gaze upon each scene. Each spread includes one page for illustration and another for text. The events in the story are simple and easily relatable to many youngsters who are fortunate enough to spend afternoons with their mommy. Katz also has a Daddy Hugs version of the book, to connect with a broader range of audiences. Were Katz to have included a variety of families throughout the book; moms and children of different ethnicities, for example; and perhaps more diverse settings, I would have chosen to award 5 stars. However, the young children that will be able to authentically connect with the illustrations and story are likely to be somewhat limited. The theme of mother-child affection evokes warm, fuzzy feelings. Moms and children who share this book can look forward to many pleasant story times.

Independent reading level: K+
Listening level: infancy+
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