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The Right Touch [PDF]

by Stanley E. Jones
This book is a kind of one size fits all look at the wonderful world of touch.I did skip one chapter but only because I thought it wouldn't be relevant to me.It seems to be a summary of research and knowledge of touch up to the date of the book being published in 1994.It does feel slightly dated only because I'm wondering what his book would say if it was published in the present day.Touch probably didn't change that much since 1994 (why I read the book), but the research and their findings could have changed slightly (a risk I was willing to take).The final chapter has some things you can do to identify how much touch you're using in your life and how to increase it - hey, something practical was tucked in there at the end, cool.


Section/chapter list for the curious:

Section 1: Touch: Our Most Basic Form of Communication
a) Skin Hunger and The Power of Touch
b) Touch and Self-Concept
Section 2: The Many Meanings of Touch (and How to Communicate Them)
a) Making Contact: How to Get Started in a Touching Relationship
b) Bonding: How to Create and Sustain Closeness Through Touch
c) Touch and Sexuality: Attracting and Finding Pleasure with a Partner
d) Touching in Fun and Sport: How to Play with Touch
e) Power Touches: How to Persuade with Touch (and how to recognize 'moves' by others)
Section 3: Touch Gone Astray
a) Seven Taboos of Touch in the United States
b) Abusive Touch: A Subject Everyone Should Understand
Section 4: Touch in the Workplace
a) Ten Touch Taboos in the Office
b) Professional Contact: How to Touch Effectively on the Job
Section 5: Special Applications
a) Reaching Across Cultural Boundaries: International and Interethnic Touches
b) Helping and Healing Touch: The Rediscovery of a Lost Potential
c) Learning to Touch


Some big questions I have that are totally unrelated to the book... what happened to the author?And... after a little google scouring.He is a professor emeritus at the University of Colorado at Boulder.He also recently co-authored Seven Days to Sex Appeal under the name Stan Jones.And, of course he had another book published in 1980 called The 'Dynamics of Discussion: Communication in Small Groups' but might be a little too old.
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