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Toddler Sleep Solutions [PDF]

by Laura Stewart
Toddler Sleep Training: Sleep Easy Solutions For You and Your Toddler.

Your baby may have slept through the night early on, but now it’s a whole new ball game with challenges you probably hadn’t expected.
This easy to read book is packed full of practical tips and information to help sleep deprived parents train their toddler to go to bed happily and sleep through the night.
It’s all well and good to settle your baby to sleep by holding or carrying her until she falls asleep in your arms. But you know you can’t do that forever. At some stage, children have to learn to fall asleep by themselves, and the younger the better.
Rather than focusing on one specific paradigm, Laura Stewart has researched all the main models proposed by sleep experts and pediatricians. The various methods are explained simply so that you can customize them to suit your particular circumstances.

Laura Stewart, a psychologist and mother of twins, surveyed dozens of parents with toddlers and together with her own knowledge and experience provides you with
• An understanding your toddler’s sleep needs
• An insight into sleep associations
• 14 answers as to why your toddler may not go to sleep easily
• A better awareness of your child’s sleep cues and try-ons
• A better understanding of why your toddler wakes in the night
• Tips to ensure an easy bedtime routine
• Knowledge about daytime naps and how to transition from two to none
• A number of strategies to entice your toddler to go to bed happily
• A buffet of popular models for training your toddler to self soothe that you can customize for your specific situation
• Tips to help your toddler transition from the crib to a bed
• Further tips if you are ready to make the move from co-sleeping
• An understanding of nighttime fears, nightmares and similar problems
• Practical solutions to help when all else fails

As an added bonus, readers of the book will be able to download a practical training workbook to help you as you implement your toddler’s sleep training.
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Thank you! Great book!

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