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Dungeons & Dragons, Volume 3 [PDF]

by John Rogers
If all DnD tie-in novels had been written with this same loving attention to what makes the various settings so sublime,while they certainly wouldn't be considered high literature they'd at least be considered valuable ways to spend one's time.

This one in particular is my favorite because everything revolves around the fearless dwarven paladin of the group, Khal Kalundurrin of Moradin. One of my favorite aspects of Rogers' story has been that Khal is slightly out of the ordinary for a dwarf:He's a poet and moreover primarily a writer of love poems. The ones shown are not at all bad for anyone let alone a race of people known for their grim, dour demeanors. Just proving why I adore Dwarves; they're all gruff and taciturn in public but their passions run deep as their mines (haha ok) and they work hard at all their endeavors. Naturally Khal is (in)famous for writing a particular poem that sent earthquakes (dwarf humor) through his stronghold.

I won't reveal any more but this is an adventure well worth the delving. I hope they decide to produce more graphic novels featuring these characters.
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Thank you! Great book!

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