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Ayn Rand and Business [PDF]

by Donna (Greiner) Kinni
"Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism was intended to be the ultimate success formula. Rand taught us how to achieve our individual dreams and in doing so, showed us how to effortlessly contribute to the well-being of everyone else. Rand wanted each of us to become free traders and money-makers and she urged us to stand among the world’s prime movers. If you take the time to understand and act on her ideas, perhaps you will fulfill that role. In that case, you will certainly understand why Ayn Rand matters.”
— Ayn Rand and Business

In an astonishing personal journey that spanned much of the twentieth century, Ayn Rand transformed herself from a shopkeeper’s daughter in Communist Russia into one of the world’s leading advocates of laissez-faire capitalism. The author of two popular novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, Rand remains a compelling and influential figure two decades after her death. And, Objectivism, the controversial philosophy she built upon the tenets of reality, reason, and self-interest, in still passionately debated.

Rand celebrated business, especially the heavy industries that dominated America in her lifetime, and the entrepreneurs who founded and built them. Ayn Rand and Business interprets the fiction and philosophy of this self-proclaimed “radical-for-capitalism” for today’s business reader.

Rand’s life and work offer insightful lessons for managers, traders, and entrepreneurs. The novelist-philosopher’s three values and seven virtues of Objectivism provide a virtual blueprint for building a successful career. Rand’s ideas about the driving force of innovation, the employer-employee relationship, and the critical need for long-term vision and purpose are as relevant as the latest business news headlines.

Read Ayn Rand and Business and find out why Rand’s ideas continue to matter in today’s business world.

Ayn Rand and Business is a 43,000-word book, written in three parts. Part 1 includes a biography of Rand and an introduction to Objectivism. Part 2 is dedicated to the application of Objectivism to personal and career success. Part 3 explores the application of Objectivism to corporate success.

Donna Kinni and Thoedore Kinni are award-winning business writers and editors. Their books include Achieve Sales Excellence (Platinum Press, 2007), America’s Best (Wiley, 1996), The Basics of Idea Generation (Quality Resources, 1997), Be Our Guest (Disney Editions, 2001), The Four Pillars of Profit-Driven Marketing (2009), and No Substitute for Victory (Prentice Hall, 2005).

They have written and ghostwritten 14 trade business books on topics including: sales; marketing; customer experience; customer service and retention; personal accountability; leadership; management; creativity; and manufacturing. Their books, including those written for clients such as The Walt Disney Company, Booz & Company, Prime Resource Group, LIF Group, and IMPAQ, Inc., have sold over 300,000 copies.

“The authors have done an excellent job of stripping [Rand’s] thinking down to the bare bones, illustrating the logic of her approach to life. Indeed, anybody thinking of tackling either of her great works would find it worthwhile to read this first.”
— The London Sunday Times

“Hopefully, in the future, this book will become a dog-eared standard title on everyone’s business bookshelf.”
— Economic Affairs

"More books like this one should be written… Ayn Rand and Business sticks consistently to what business ethics should do.
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