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More Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories [PDF]

by Lisa Scott
More Flirts! Five Romantic Short Stories50,000 words

Five sweet and sassy romantic short stories that stand alone but also link together when read as a collection. Life and love is a lot trickier for the Carter kids after a surprise multi-million dollar inheritance. Follow the five brothers and sisters through their rocky romances, disaster dates, and happy endings.

“Pickup Lessons” 12,000 words (story #1)

Stone Kinney may have his PhD in astrophysics, but he knows nothing about women.He thinks argyle socks scream sexy.When Kyla Carter overhears his pathetic pickup lines, she agrees to give him lessons on how to get a girl. But nothing she does helps him snag a date. Of course, maybe there’s a reason for that…

“Ex Therapy” 9,000 words (story #2)

All of Aubrey Carter’s relationships have ended with her getting dumped, and she can’t understand why. Her therapist suggests she interview her exes to learn what keeps going wrong so she can get things right with the next guy. The biggest surprise? Her old boyfriends aren’t quite what she remembered.

“Mr. Wrong” 10,000 words (story #3)

Diana Hart is a relationship therapist desperate for her own happy ending.But her deadbeat father inspired her to put her career first and never rely on a man. When she signs a publishing deal, she agrees to search for Mr. Wrong so she can document her dating don’ts.It’s certainly a bad time to meet Mr. Right, Toby Carter, who’s looking for his own perfect match.

“I Know Who You Kissed Last Night” 8,000 words (story #4)

Eric Carter kissed the woman of his dreams last night, but there’s one problem—he was too drunk to remember who she was.His best friend, Emily, knows very well who he kissed—it was her. But if he finds out, their relationship might be ruined forever.

“The Girl In The Pink Hat” 11,000 words(story #5)

Zoe is fulfilling her late cousin’s bucket list that’s filled with dares, travel, and surprises—stuff Zoe would normally never do.When Zoe spots herself described in a Craigslist missed connections ad, skydiving and tattoos are no longer the most thrilling things in her world.It might be time for Zoe to dream bigger.

Buy the whole collection and discover the thread that links the stories together.

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