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Vanilla-Free Christmas [PDF]

by Sandra Bunino
Santa’s Beard – Doris O’Connor – 4 Stars
Joanna has one wish for Christmas, a wish she tells the new Santa where she works.The next day she wakes up to her heart’s desire.It’s shocking to learn where the two men came from.Will her dream become reality forever or is it just a passing night of sheer happiness and love.A witch, a curse, a Santa, a wish and two cats make this a fun Christmas story.

The Olympian – Sandra Bunino – 2 Stars
Rachel wants to be on the Olympic ski team and after an accident that almost ended her dream she is determined to make the team and show everyone she still has it.However she is known to be temperamental so the ski resort where she is staying has Erik keep tabs on her while she is there.But after her nosiness causes and accident she ends up needing Erik to save her, in more ways than one.

Three in a Tub – Giselle Renarde – 3 Stars
Cathy is preparing for her mother to move in with her.The first step is having a new bathtub installed.Between her much younger boyfriend and the hot tub installer whose name she can’t remember can they make her fantasy come true?Will they be able to help her realize that she doesn’t need to do things alone?

A Few of My Favorite Things – Seleste deLaney – 2 Stars
Autumn is an elf but with a secret.She wants to be with Storm who she has lusted after since he arrived at the North Pole.But he doesn’t know what she needs or what secret she has.After they spend time together he seeks to learn more about her.But when he learns what she needs can he be the person to give her that?

The Man Inside – Lila Snow
Unfortunately I couldn’t give this story a review because I was unable to see past my feelings on this story.

Who’s Been Naughty and Nice? – Vanessa Deveraux – 3 Stars
Laura is used to being in control and with a job that keeps her busy she has no life outside of work.All she has are fantasies and even those aren’t working for her anymore.After reading an article in a magazine she decides to give herself a Christmas present.So she signs up to have her ultimately fantasy fulfilled.She gets that and so much more.

Secrets Santa – Raven McAllan – 4 Stars
Mirian certainly doesn’t expect there to be anything strange or unusual at her company’s Christmas party.But that is exactly what happens when she starts to have a conversation with someone in her head.Throughout the party the voice suggests many things to her, many that turn her on more and more as the night moves on.After the party, when she returns home, the truth and the man behind the voice becomes visible.Things will change, if she can accept him as he is.

Faith’s Gift – R. Brennan – 3 Stars
Faith agrees to dog and housesit when her friend asks her.She isn’t a fan of dogs but spending time alone after her recent breakup is exactly what she needs, so she accepts.She just didn’t expect the owner to still be there when she arrived at the apartment she was supposed to be housesitting.But the instant attraction between them has her agreeing to stay with him and to do what he asks of her.

A Very Furry Christmas – Jorja Lovett – 3 Stars
Caitlin thinks all her dreams have come true when she meets Jason.He shows up where she works and sets her libido on fire.That’s because she has a unique turn on and he’s wearing it.But will they be able to move past that and can they embrace each other’s quirks.

Overall this anthology was a fun read.The books were all different except that they all had a Christmas theme.
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