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Hawkworld [PDF]

by Timothy Truman
Katar Hol is a young police officer on the planet Thanagar, and a child of a privileged family. But his homeworld has a policy of conquering and mining other worlds for their resources to maintain its high standard of living, turning the natives of the captured worlds into Thanagar's own slaves and ghettoed underclass. When Hol learn's of his father's secret life, he realizes something is rotten in the system. He is set up for murder and sent into exile, undergoing a painful withdrawal from the legal narcotics that the elite class enjoy every day.

10 years later, he is pardoned, reinstated and partnered with Shayera Thal, a tough young female officer from a lower class of society, to uncover and defeat the renegade police captain Byth, while trying to hide his own secret subversive activities...

Along with its contemporaries (The Man of Steel, Batman: Year One, Aquaman Special #1, and Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn), Hawkworld was intended to revise DC Universe continuity for the post-Crisis continuity that explored the origins of the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Despite its intelligent, popular take on Hawkman's origin, it nonetheless fell victim to subsequent reboots of the entire DC Universe.
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PublisherDC Comics
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GanreSequential Art
Release date 01.09.1991
Pages count160
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