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The Topline Summary of Chip and Dan Heath's Switch - How to Change Things when Change is Hard [PDF]

by Gareth F. Baines
The Topline Summary in a Sentence is: we essentially have two brains – a rational system and an emotional one - and only when these two systems are fully aligned can we accept change quickly and easily. However if they are not aligned – then change can be gruelling.

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Change is hard. Nobody likes change, most of the time. We often fear it, or make excuses, or will resist as much as we can, even if they are just trivial. And what’s even more confusing, is that there are some changes that we don’t resist, and accept happily, such as getting married, or moving house. What is the root cause behind this? Why can change be so difficult to implement at times? This Topline Summary has the answers.

For business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and even those looking for personal guidance –anyone can benefit from this fantastic Topline Summary of the hugely popular book which will help with motivating employees, strategic change management all the way down to getting oneself out of a rut or even implementing new habits.
[PDF] The Topline Summary of Chip and Dan Heath's Switch - How to Change Things when Change is Hard download

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