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The Cat's Fancy [PDF]

by Julie Kenner
For the love of cats...

Straight-laced Nicholas Goodman's life was going just fine. A hotshot attorney in a huge law firm, Nick had money, success, and a girlfriend whose father just happened to be his biggest client. All the aspects of his life were tucked neatly into nice little corners, just the way Nick liked it. Until he opened his door and found a completely naked, slightly befuddled, green-eyed beauty on his doorstep.

A Woman's Wish—Maggie had found the man of her dreams—Nick Goodman. He was smart, sexy, and she knew he loved her. Maggie's only problem was ... well, she wasn't entirely human. But Maggie was determined, and through the power of love she was given a chance—and a lithe woman's body. She had one week to convince Nicholas to admit that he loved her. One week to prove that a guy like Nick could fall for "a girl like Maggie." One week to prove that a cat's fancy could be the love of a lifetime.

Austin, TX — Attorney Julie Kenner has been a cat-lover all her life, and her love of all things feline shines through in her second novel, The Cat's Fancy, an August 2000 release from Dorchester's Love Spell line.

"I tried to bring a lot of feline traits to Maggie's personality, both when she's actually a cat, and when she's a woman.I spent a significant amount of time watching my four cats.A lot of their habits are reflected in Maggie," said Kenner.
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