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It's Only Rock & Roll But I Like It [PDF]

by Sal Canzonieri
Third volume in the series of Rock Poster and Record Cover Art books by Sal Canzonieri. 278 full color pages of the coolest art ever seen! Previous books "Electric Frankenstein! High Energy Rock Art," "From Here to There and Back Again: 100 Years of Rock Art Influences from 1890s to 1990s," and "A Fistful of Rock & Roll - Real Rock Art for Real Rock Bands" all featured high-energy, punk, rock & roll poster art, big blasts of raw poster and record cover power! This volume is another brain-frying collection nearly as big as a Marshall stack showing an up-to-the-minute cross-section of today's booming rock poster scene, showcasing hundreds of works by top poster artists from every dive, hellhole, dungeon, and landfill from sea to shining sea, creating a deafening visual tribute to just about every goddamn cool band you can imagine! Get kicked in the eyeballs and give your sensibilities the beating they so richly deserve! Grab this amazingly cool collection of the wildest Rock Art you have ever seen! * This book includes posters from some of the top live rock acts in the history of popular music, including the MC5, Iggy Pop, Slayer, The Cramps, The Hives, Guns and Roses, Melvins, Turbonegro, Ramones, High on Fire, Misfits, Motorhead, Ramones, Social Distortion, Queens of the Stone Age, The Wildhearts, Sonic Youth, Metallica, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Dropkick Murphys, AFI, Rob Zombie, and hundreds more!

* Fistful of Rock & Roll features poster art and other graven images from a virtual who's-who of the rock art scene, including H.R. Giger, Johnny Ace, Dirty Donny, Rockin Jellybean, Steven Cerio, The Rev, Art Chantry, Coop, Kozik, Alan Forbes, Derek Hess, Mitch O' Connell, Johnny Crap, Jeff Gaither, Darren Marinuk, The Pizz, Alex Fine, R. Black, John Pound, to name but a few. Features over 300 of the world's greatest Rock poster, lowbrow, and underground artists!
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Thank you! Great book!

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