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The Palm-Wine Drinkard [PDF]

by Amos Tutuola
Read this book on the basis that it is impossible to resist chapter titles such as ‘AN EGG FED THE WHOLE WORLD’ and ‘PAY WHAT YOU OWE ME AND VOMIT WHAT YOU ATE’, and for passages of tortured syntax such as: Then my wife asked him how could a man buy a pig in a bag? But the man replied that there was no need of testing the load, he said that once we put it on our head either it was heavier than what we could carry or not, anyhow we should carry it to the town. So we stood before that man and his load. But when I thought it over that if I put it on my head and could not carry it, then I should put it down at once, and if that man would force me not to put it down, I had a gun and cutlass here, I should shoot him immediately. (p92). Amos Tutuola wrote this novel aged 26 in his “primitive” English manner (a style that Dylan Thomas, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Raymond Queneau found remarkable), taking his content from Yoruba folk tales, which to modern readers might fall under the heading surrealism or magical realism or some such unhelpful label. This novella is a bewitching and torturous read (the style, if close-read, might drive one to madness) for fans of red-people, invisible-pawns, bush-ghosts, and elusive palm-wine tapsters.
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Thank you! Great book!

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