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Naked For The Mistress [PDF]

by Alex Jordaine
Peter has never been able to accept his deep need to be sexually dominated, but that's about to change with a vengeance. His wife Christine and her new friend Claudia, a highly experienced dominatrix, hatch a plan to 'out' Peter and his kinky desires. While Christine will learn the art of erotic domination from Claudia's husband, Simon, Peter will be coerced into spending time in Claudia's dungeon where he'll be forced to learn his place at the feet of a dominant female. Claudia soon turns Peter into her 'bitch', making him ready and willing to take hard strap-on sex and all the brutal punishment she can dish out. Claudia returns Peter to his wife who enjoys putting him through his paces in her fitting new role as his Mistress. But Christine is looking for something even more than this and finds it in the person of a beautiful young woman called Liz. Christine helps bring to the fore Liz's previously sublimated sadism and the two become lovers, sharing ownership of Peter, now the naked slave to them both. Then who should stumble into this sadomasochistic menage a trois but Liz's philandering ex-husband Sam. He's now a changed man and begs Liz to let him into her life again. Sam says he wants to be a naked slave to her and Christine, just like Peter. The two women subject Sam to a series of increasingly sadistic tests to establish whether he is worthy to take his place at their feet. Peter had become a new man when he became a sex-slave. But the two formidable dommes require something perversely, thrillingly different from Sam..."
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Thank you! Great book!

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